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It’s not just coffee, it’s an experience! As you lift Mannheim’s coffee to your lips, that rich and heady aroma is the result of months of research, years of work and innovation that go into brewing artisanal coffee, combined with a lot of passion to bring you the perfect experience.


To truly enjoy this experience, you must know how we got here. The story starts at the Tigerlake Estate, which is 125 years old and managed by a fourth generation coffee farming family currently run by Vignesh Chandrashekar in the Malnad region of Chikmagalur. The coffee plantation is situated on a hillside, perfect for the cultivation of rich aromatic coffee beans that we bring you.The Estate runs along a jungle with lush green trees that possess attributes contributing to the flavor of the coffee produced — This is because not a single tree has been cut since the establishment was set up. Tigers would frequent the estate, hence the name Tigerlake Estate . However, nowadays sightings of the majestic creatures are rare. The estate has been working to make sure the number increases and to see that the home of these tigers is preserved, and for this, all steps are taken to enhance the forest including the use of natural pest controllers like neem oil and not using any chemicals.


Our coffee experts are here to make sure your #SpecialityCoffees embody perfection!

Katie Boyle

Katie was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. Her passion for speciality coffee led her to holding the position of General Manager and Barista at Mannheim speciality Roasts. Katie applies her culinary creativity to craft the perfect brew with the highest quality coffee beans. At Mannheim, she leads a team of expert Baristas who ensure that every cup of coffee served is flawless. Katie bagged the bronze trophy at the Indian Aeropress Regional Championship (Chikmagalur)

Arpith D’Souza

Arpith hopes to help Mannheim expand and be an integral part of the blossoming speciality coffee culture in Bangalore. He plans to accomplish this by constantly pursuing new and innovative techniques combined with his in-depth knowledge of the Bangalore coffee culture. Arpith also won 1st place at the Indian Aeropress Regional Championship (Chikmagalur)

Raghavendra “Ragu” Shetty

Ragu’s passion for coffee was sparked from an early age while working at his grandfather’s coffee plantation in Coorg. Throughout his journey of becoming a coffee nerd, Raghu has worked at multiple cafes across India. His experience and love for coffee makes him a superstar in creating our speciality coffee experience here at Mannheim. He also won 1st place at the Indian Aeropress Regional Championship (Bangalore) and will be heading to the national championship in Mumbai.