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What is Craft Coffee? (Why you Should Make the Shift from Regular Coffee)

By :Mannheim Coffee 0 comments
What is Craft Coffee? (Why you Should Make the Shift from Regular Coffee)
In our largely tea drinking society, the popularity of coffee has been on the rise, primarily due to the emergence of craft coffee. In a city like Bengaluru, craft beer is a familiar phrase. So what then, is craft coffee?

The word ‘Craft’ refers to something skillfully done by hand, the keyword here being “skillfully”. So craft coffee, therefore, refers to the levels of innovation, creativity, and the culinary experiences that go into making that perfect cup of java you sip every morning.

The production of high-quality specialty coffee requires a lot of effort and constant attention to detail. Starting at the harvest, the coffee picking is a purely manual process in which the ripe cherries are selected and picked one by one. This requires pickers to pass through the same crop several times yielding a more uniform, high-quality crop.

Everything from the fertilizers used, the type of trees used to shade the coffee plants, and the altitude affect the quality of the coffee. With specialty coffee, all these factors are taken into consideration.

From hand-picking coffee cherries, roasting processes to brewing techniques, craft coffee is all about elevating the experience of the coffee drinker by narrating a story of its journey from farm to cup.

Unlike regular or commercial coffee, craft coffee is highly superior in quality in that it focuses on specialty grade coffee beans, unique flavour combinations, techniques of roasting, and methods of brewing, to name a few.

According to Naveen Menon, Co-founder at Mannheim Specialty Roasts, one of the beauties of craft coffee is that every specialty coffee brand has its philosophy of creating a culture around it.

At Mannheim, we devotedly explore the various layers of experience that high-quality coffee can bring through experimentation. Right from hand-picking the coffee cherries when ripe to using the right grind for different brewing methods, we aim to pull out the richness from each coffee bean and carefully roast them to preserve its flavours.”

So the next time you get a chance to grab a cup of specialty coffee don’t just sip it for that jolt of energy, instead, experience the spark of creativity, the unique culinary art, and perfection that goes into making every sip delightful.

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